Just Shibori – Tutorials and Information on Doing Shibori

Welcome. Just Shibori is a site dedicated to teaching the craft of Shibori in its various forms.   Understanding and being to easily use the craft allows you to turn your vision into reality, into art.  Otherwise you are just guessing. This is true for whichever form of artistic expression you want to use.  Having Vision is necessary to creating art; but without knowledge of the craft behind the creation, the result is often less than satisfying.

So, in the beginning we will focus on Itajime, Clamp Resist Shibori, and the various ways of folding and the numerous possibilities of decoration – looking at ideas from making paper snowflakes, paper dolls, Japanese decorated cloth, and many more.  We will also look at the materials and tools that can be used to create the clamped material.

The introductory materials are free and the advanced techniques (might) cost a little bit.  Send me an e-mail using the Contact Page and I will keep you updated when I have something new.  (Usual disclaimers regarding I won’t loan, sell, give, etc. your information to anyone else.)

Once again, Welcome to Just Shibori and I hope that you find it valuable.

Alan S. Wicks
Kennewick, WA